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570 North Broad Street,
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208

Phone: 908-355-2400

About Our Pharmacy

servicesShopsmart Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy owned by two pharmacists. We take pride in giving prompt and courteous service to our customers. We believe that a good service requires attention. As each customer has unique needs, you have to pay attention to cater to each healthcare need.

We understand that every individual deserves good service. We take full responsibility to the well being of our customers not just by giving quality products but also delivering it with quality service. When you transact with us, we will work closely with you, your healthcare providers, insurance company and/or caregivers to ensure that you get the care that you deserve.

Shopsmart Pharmacy is an equal opportunity provider. We do not withhold our services on any customer on the bases of age, gender, color, creed, ethnicity, origin, orientation or circumstance. Everybody is welcome to avail of our services here in our store.

At Shopsmart Pharmacy, your healthcare need is what matters and we are at your service. For questions and inquiries, you can give us a call at 908-355-2400 for immediate assistance. You can also send us a message online through our Contact Us page.

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